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 Here's a little info about us...

The History of Common Ground:

Common Ground Vineyard Church offers a casual environment that welcomes anyone who is seeking to spend time with God. The church was founded by Pastor Todd Smith in 1996 in Downtown Fort Pierce for the purpose of demonstrating the presence and power of God to our local community. We believe in modeling our lives after Jesus Christ, the one and only way to God the Father. That’s why most of our ministry focuses on outreach to the lost in our community (the under-served, the widows and the orphans), and helping those who are hurting and in need. We believe in and experience the presence of God through expressive Worship. We are more than a church, we are family.  We invite you to come as you are and celebrate life in Jesus with us!

The Vision of Common Ground:

The overall goal of every ministry should be to fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION… under this overall goal you find our vision.

1. To reflect a NATURAL EXPRESSION of the Christian faith. It is our goal to keep things informal, non-traditional and flexible. No                 religious masks and attitudes. This kind of atmosphere is where healthy relationships can grow. We want to be honest with GOD
    and each other.


2. Develop an ACTION ministry. Various positions of leadership are given to equip a group for ministry. To equip means to mend and        restore, to establish, to prepare and train. Ministry is what the entire body does, not just the Pastor on Sunday mornings. We want to      provide opportunities for various talents and giftings to be used and refined in an atmosphere of acceptance, love and understanding.

3. Emphasize an EXPERIENTIAL LIFESTYLE in Christ. Instead of just contemplating theories of GOD, we want to reach out and touch           HIM. This is a true witness to others. It is through encounters with God when real change begins, comforting and healing.

   Our foundation is Jesus our Lord and Savior. The Holy Spirit is our power and fire, God is our Dad and source of all.
   The Bible is the map for true life.



Common Ground:

  • Is Non-Denominational

  • Offers a Comfortable & Casual Atmosphere

  • Has  ministries for all ages, including:

    • Children

    • Youth

    • Adults

  • Offers Relevant Teaching & Discipleship

  • Offers Dynamic & Engaging Worship Music

  • Has FREE coffee & donuts before each of our services

  • Is involved in Creative Community Outreach

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